Photos are beginning to trickle in from various people. If you have photos of our wedding that you want to share, let us know. You can post them to Flickr (or your photo-sharing website of choice) and send us a link, or you can email us and make alternate arrangements. If you do post to Flickr, feel free to add the tags "laura" and "eben" along with "lauraandeben".

Without further ado...

Professional Wedding Photos

Flickr - Now that they're available, we've posted the entire set of professional shots taken during our wedding. Visit our Flickr wedding collection to see them, download them, buy prints of them, and so on. The professional shots are the ones in the following sets: Wedding - Preparations, Wedding - Ceremony, Wedding - Groups, Wedding - Bride and Groom, and Wedding - Reception.

If you are still interested (for whatever reason) in getting prints from Pictage, here's the link [Pictage - Visit You'll be asked to register (or to sign in, if you've already registered). If you're not redirected to our wedding photos, just do a search for "Laura Farra" or "Eben Myers".]

Wedding Photos Taken by Friends and Family

The Taymans
The Farras
Pics by Joe taken with Laura's camera
Xiang Lan

More Photos...

Wedding preparations (taken by Eben)
Honeymoon Week 1 (taken by Eben and Laura)
Honeymoon Week 2 (taken by Eben and Laura)