We want to be clear that there are no expectations or obligations in terms of gifts. Most of all, we'll be happy to see you all at the wedding. However, for those who want to give something, here are some ideas. For those who have their own ideas, we welcome your creativity!

Charitable Contributions

We have chosen two organizations that we like and wish to support.

Friends of Africa Education is a group to which Laura has personal ties through her journies in Tanzania. They don't have a registry, so if you donate to them, please just use their regular donation system.

The Heifer Project is an organization dedicated to ending hunger through sustainable methods. We have a registry set up on their website.

Kitchen Items

Though we both have our basic needs covered in the cooking department, there are a few items on our fantasy kitchen wishlist. These items are on our Williams-Sonoma registry.

Cake Stands and Teacups

For those who would like to indulge our inner Mad Hatter, we will happily accept creative contributions to our collections of cake stands and teacups (non-matching, of course).


Making this marriage work is going to require some gas money!